Tiny Giant Amp


The Tiny Giant is a very small, simple 20 watt solid state amplifier. It allows you to build a very loud, great-sounding amp that’s about as easy to build as an overdrive pedal. The best part is that it’s powered by a cheap, easy-to-find readymade power supply, which avoids the issues of working with high voltages and obtaining large and expensive power transformers.

It has a clean buffer/preamp, onboard voltage regulation, and a power amp section with automatic short and overheat protection. It’s designed without any specific tonal coloration, so it can be used equally well with guitar, bass, keyboards/synths and any other electric instrument.

Build info

Click here to download the build PDF.This file includes the schematic, wiring diagram, bill of materials, and important build notes for this project. Please right click and save this file to your computer, rather than opening it from the site each time you need to check something.

Here’s a thread with questions, answers, photos and build reports of the Tiny Giant.

Purchase PCB ONLY: $9

[Out of stock until 2014]

A kit is also available for this project. The kit contains:

all 1/4 watt

1 – 100k
1 – 220k
2 – 1m
2 – 2.2R [Marked "2R2" on the board - this is 2.2 OHMS]
1 – 1k
1 – 120R [120 OHMS]

1 – 10uf electrolytic
3 – 100n film
2 – 1uf film
2 – 220n film
2 – 22uf electrolytic
1 – 470uf electrolytic

1 – TDA7240A
1 – LM338T
1 – TL072

Mounting screws and nuts for the ICs
Thermal isolation bushings and spacers for the ICs
IC socket for the TL072

Purchase PCB AND PARTS KIT: $19

[Out of stock]

Tiny Giant Kit