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Echo Base Delay


Analog-voiced delay with time modulation and tails

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Product Description

The Echo Base is an analog-voiced delay with modulation, designed by Ian Maltby. It uses a PT2399 delay chip to create a sound similar to an analog delay,  but not as noisy and without the hassle of building a real analog delay. The modulation allows you to wobble the pitch of the delay around. This allows for tape-style “wow and flutter”, vibrato, and chorus sounds in addition to the delays.

There are also many modifications that can easily be done to give your Echo Base extended features – detailed instructions are in the documentation.

The “tails” feature allows you to turn the delay off while letting the last few echoes die off, rather than cut off abruptly. This feature can be toggled on or off with a switch. Lots of useful modifications are possible with the Echo Base, and are shown in detail in the accompanying documentation.

The PCB is designed to fit in a 125b or larger box, allowing you to fit a ton of awesome and varied sounds into a tiny package. The pots can be board-mounted, cutting down considerably on offboard wiring time. They can still be offboard if you prefer. The Echo Base has a silkscreened component legend to make the build fast and simple, soldermask (blue) to prevent solder bridges, and plated pads so you don’t need to worry about cold solder joints.

Build info

Click here to download the Echo Base PDF. This file includes wiring diagrams, schematic, bill of materials, and details on adding useful mods. Please right click and save this file to your computer, rather than opening it from the site each time you need to check something.

Here’s a thread with questions, answers, build reports and photos for the Echo Base.